800mA Waterproof Dual Mode Battery Tender

Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson 800mA Waterproof Dual Mode Battery Tender is perfect for short-or long-term motorcycle battery charging needs - Lithium or Acid - all year round.
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Selectable charge options provide optimal charging for your Harley-Davidson® Lithium LiFe or AGM Lead-Acid Batteries and, the waterproof housing ensures there won't be a problem even if water gets into your storage area. The vibration- and shock-resistant Battery Tender is reverse polarity protected and spark-proof, even when the leads touch. The Tender also includes an LED front panel to indicate the battery's state of charge. Time to recharge a fully discharged Lithium battery is 5-9 hours. Time to recharge a dead AGM battery is 8-12 hours.

  • Re-charge Time: Lithium: 5-9 hours, AGM: 8-12 hours
  • In the Box: Quick-disconnect 7.5 Amp fused Battery Charging Harness with ring terminals and a 7.5 Amp fused alligator clip charging harness.



Part Number: 66000183