Bike Care

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Dual-Mode Battery Charger

The Harley-Davidson Dual-Mode Battery Charger - Avoid the dead battery blues.

Glaze Poly Sealant

The Harley-Davidson Glaze Poly Sealant - Three products in one bottle. A great product to keep in your bike care kit.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner

The Harley-Davidson Wheel & Tire Cleaner - The road can be potentially damaging to the finish of motorcycle wheels, so clean the right way.

Scratch & Swirl Repair

The Harley-Davidson Scratch & Swirl Repair - Remove unwanted scratches and swirls from you to achieve a "new bike" shine.

Chrome Clean & Shine

The Harley-Davidson Chrome Clean & Shine - Treat your chrome the right way and achieve maximum shine with this non abrasive cleaning agent.

Spray Cleaner & Polish

The Harley-Davidson Spray Cleaner & Polish - Keep your bike clean, even when you are away from home.

Gloss Detailer

The Harley-Davidson Gloss Detailer - This easy-to-apply mist produces the highest possible gloss finish in the shortest amount of time.

Engine Brightener

The Harley-Davidson Engine Brightener - Give your bike the shine it deserves and make your engine look new again.

Bruhl MD1400 Motorcycle Dryer

The Bruhl MD1400 Motorcycle Dryer - Protect your bike all year round with this fantastic motorcycle dryer with assisted heat. A great gift this Christmas too!