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These boots are made for more than walkin’

Adventures always start with the first step and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been itching to get out on our bikes lately in need of some adventure! We’ve had some intrepid riders in this week from over the border, even as far as Germany, each one have mentioned they’re using their bike more of...

What's new with us and what's new with you?

After a long awaited date, we were finally able to re-open our fabulous store to our amazing customers. We'd really like to give a shout out to you guys for following our guidance as we find our way through new measures. Lucky for us, you're our kind of people, which means our store isn't getting to...

3...2...1... and throttle on!

We went live last night and we're pleased to welcome you all to our new site!

We've been at this full throttle and we've designed it with riders, pillions and Harley enthusiasts in mind. A lot of the team ride, tour and pillion, so look out for our team recommendations and reviews of our wonderful ...

More Than Just a Dealership

One of the largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships in Europe.

West Coast Harley- Davidson® have expanded to a purpose built facility at Hillington Park, Glasgow and now currently sit as one of the largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships in Europe. With one of the largest motorclothes ...

We've gone big!

Hello and welcome to our new site and our Blog!

While lockdown saw many of us dreaming of riding and socializing, we were dreaming of it too, but working on a new version of our shop. If you’ve been to our store and to our first floor you’ll know everyone’s welcome here……..and it’s big! Well, we wa...

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