Glasgow Bike Night at West Coast

Us bikers are a social bunch – there’s nothing we love more than getting together, checking out bikes and sharing a story it two. We want to support the biking community with Glasgow Open Bike Night. All bikes, trikes and scooters of all eras are welcome to enjoy an evening of live music and general chat here at Pit Lane, Hillington Glasgow. We’ll be open for beverages, clothing and apparel, and the use of our facilities for all those who are visiting.

April 28th – Our featured band are Skyline – an energetic local band who have a great set of rock covers.

Stay tuned for to learn more about future events HERE

Season Readiness - Gear Check

We rely on our bikes to perform when the time counts, the brakes, good tyres, top fuel, so we keep them serviced. No one likes to be That Guy with the flat battery holding up your Saturday ride out! But how bad would it be if you held them up because of a zipper? So what about your gear? The weather might be  bit changeable right now, so why not settle down with one of your favorite movies, “Easy Rider” is our go to choice and check your riding gear for 2022.

Yeah, I get it, your boots are comfy and you’ve had that jacket for years, it’s just right – but is it? Let’s face it, we all like to look good on our rides, but should the necessary occur for that kit to stand up to an “off” is it going to do the job? Here’s my top tips for checking your riding gear this winter to make sure you’re set for 2022:

Stitching and zips: Take a good look across the seams, are they still holding, is anything fraying, or is the material its stitched through holding well? The stitching of your kit comes under massive stress during an impact or slide, it’s what keeps the integrity of the garment. Any zips are also a part of that, has it bust a couple of times and you’re getting away with a couple more rides? If the rest of your garment is fine, get it replaced with an equally heavy duty, rugged zip if not, replace it. Check your waterproof seams too, are they still sealing, no one likes a cold leak seeping in or a wet arse.

Boots: Ooooh yeah, the ones that are as comfy as slippers, right? How’s that sole looking, has your foot slipped away a couple of times on those loose gravelly roads? Check that just like your tyres to make sure you’re not out of grip!

Gloves: Again, check on your stitching, but also how the leather/material is wearing, particularly on the palms, they’re one of the first things you’ll put out during a spill.

Helmet: So we all know they’ve got a 4-5 year shelf life (cheaper lids only 2!), but if you’ve stored it in your garage you might want to check no beasties decided to nest in there over winter (true story). Also, remember at last years rally when Dave had a few bevvies and bumped your lid from the handlebars, now might be the ideal time to replace it. Although the outside looks good, inside the impact will have already compressed the protective inner and won’t be able to protect that area to the same level.

Protectors: Yup, those wedgy pads we’re counting on to do the job during an impact. At the shoulders, elbows, back, knees and hips, nicely hidden away and we don’t think anything of them. They’re not visible, but certainly have a lifespan! Usually mounted close to your skin and in your protective clothing, these guys are prone to sweat, deodorant, water, heat, chemicals and more, so take your time to look them over. Check for discoloration, cracks, hardening and inconsistency in movement. You can always replace or upgrade without having to replace your jacket or jeans - shop armour upgrades here

We’ve all got kit that could share stories, this rally, that ride out, the time you didn’t actually go home. Riding gear technology is progressing all of the time, and for nostalgias sake you could be missing out on extra protection and comfort. So, kick back, grab your gear, check it over and be ready to ride when you get that Saturday morning call from your mates

Need to check when you bought your lid? If you bought it with us at West Coast we’ll be happy to check that date for you. Discovered something’s not right with your gear – CE approved gear available right here Shop Mens & Shop Womens 

Fall in Love again with West Coast Harley-Davidson - The Valentines Edition

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we’ve handpicked out top gifts to help you make this Valentines something special. Around 80% of partners get the huff if they don’t get anything for Valentines, so don’t be a statistic this year!

Want to make a real impact with your Valentine's gift this year - why not think West Coast Harley-Davidson? Yeah craft gifts are cool, perfume too, but what about a limited edition Harley-Davidson silver bracelet or wallet? Or maybe you're more of a practical gift giver, we have an comprehensive range of riding gear tested to the highest standard to keep your rider or passenger safe and warm. . . . . aside for awesome collectables, accessories and Gnomes, there’s always a trusty Gift Voucher

Get loved up with West Coast - Shop Valentines here

All fingers and thumbs? We’re offering our Valentines wrapping service too – simply select your chosen gifts, add wrapping to your order and we’ll take care of the rest.

There’s only 3 weekends to go and our last advised posting date is February 9th, so be sure to get your gift order in by then so it arrives on the 11th!

We recently asked our Team what they really fancied for Valentines and we sure got some weird and wonderful answers - amongst the sets of Golf balls, Flowers and chocolates, most of our team said they wanted time away with their partner. So why not check out our ride routes and share the experience with your loved one and make some new memories in 2022.

Next choice was a New Harley - while that might not quite be as easy to arrange - you could purchase a Rentals voucher and gift the New Harley Experience.

Oh, and if you don’t have anyone in mind, you can always treat yourself and get exactly what you want... did we mention you’ll earn reward points on full price purchases too? Go on, treat yourself and earn cash off future purchases.

2021/2022 Festive Holidays FAQ

We hope you’re enjoying the festivate holidays this season. It’s that time of year where we close down for our Christmas break too, but before we go, we'd like to let you know some key dates & FAQ’s we thought might help.

  1. When do you close? – We’re closed from 24th December 2021 at 3pm until January 4th 2021. During this time there will be no order processing, so please be patient until our return.
  2. Can I still order from your clothing department? – Absolutely. You can continue to shop at with confidence.

  3. Can I click and collect clothing and general merchandise?  Yes you can! Please select ‘Click and Collect’ at the checkout stage of the store and we will contact you directly to arrange collection when we re-open in the new year.

  4. When will my clothing order be processed and sent? – Following the placement of your order, it will be handled and sent once we reopen.

  5. Something went wrong with my order, what do I do? – If you have experienced a problem with your order, don’t panic, please email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


From all the team here, thank you for your business and we look forward to sending you more goodies in 2022!

500 Miles of the West Coast

In late September, the team at West Coast Harley-Davidson set out on a journey of 500 miles crossing the newly coined West Coast 500 route. Not only were the team in search of adventure, but they set out to have a bloody great time too… and with the rain and chill beginning to set in before Autumn arrived, preparation was key and so too was the choice of riding gear.

At West Coast we don’t just sell motorcycles, clothing and riding gear. We RIDE and wear what we sell too! Every year our products continue to raise the bar and, as experts, we want to maintain the highest quality by testing these products on the road, ensuring you get the best information and feedback to meet your needs. 
Newly released for 2021, the Harley-Davidson Outrush R Modular Helmet combines comfort and safety with the ultimate hands-free sound and communication experience that utilises Bluetooth technologies and more, plus a tripled-vented cooling, fully-integrated sound system and internal sun visor. With the West Coast 500 on the horizon our Marketing Lead, Connor, picked up the Outrush R for the long tour ahead. Impressed by its flexibility, style, sound quality and solid construction, he came back with a beaming smile and gave it a strong recommendation to the team.

We spoke to Connor earlier this week and here’s what he had to say:
“In the weeks before the tour I had a gut feeling that the rain was due to pay us a visit and surely enough, the weather forecasts agreed with me! From that moment I began to think about my riding gear and what I would need to make the most of the trip. I’d been using an AGV full face helmet for the past year for short distance street riding. It served me well offering great protection and ventilation, but it wasn’t best suited to full-blown adventure riding over long distances.

During previous staff ride outs I found myself envying colleagues with flip helmets. They could eat a quick snack, easily converse and enjoy complete visibility. So when I discovered the Outrush R helmet it immediately hit the top of my list. It has the advantage of being modular while offering a full-face helmet style and, when speaking to the team to learn a bit more, I discovered it featured an internal sound system. No more embarrassing songs blasting through the BOOM GTS!

The girls quickly dialled in the right helmet size and I was on my way. I’ve used helmet mounted cameras before, the kind that you attach with adhesive, but always found myself worrying they’d fall off and be lost miles down the road. The SENA Bluetooth system you’ll find featured on the Outrush R isn’t going anywhere. Securely fixed, quick to charge and even easier to use. By the time we hit the road the helmet was a natural extension and I could enjoy all of my songs on the fly.

I’m 500 miles in and beyond satisfied with the helmet. It’s quiet, very sturdy and it kept me cool without a hint of humidity. I picked up the matte grey version though I hear there’s a black coming, so I’ll be sure to add that to my shopping basket because after all, who doesn’t like black!?

If anyone is in search of a new helmet I’d really urge them to give the Outrush R a shot. If you can pop in to West Coast just ask for me and I’ll introduce you to my own. It sits beside my desk at all times because I’ll take every opportunity to ride with it on.”

So there you have it folks – our top helmet in 2021! 
Available now in store and online here.

Guns 'N Roses arrive at West Coast Harley-Davidson Glasgow

Take me down to West Coast Harley, where shop is cool and the Tee's are gnarley! 

That's right, forget November Rain, we're all about October style with this exclusive Guns 'n Roses and Harley-Davidson Collaboration. Sweet Child O' Mine we've got some epic designs here! This colleciton features iconic album covers such as Appetite for Destruction, fused with stunning Harley-Davidson designs - but you don't have to be Knockin' On Heavens door to get one. Have a little Patience and Don't Cry, our collection of hoodies, tee's and vests are available online and in store. You'll be lookin So Fine heading to Paradise City rockin' one of these tops but this is a limited edition print run with limited numbers so if you're looking at these thinkin' "You Could be Mine" you'e be right, but not for long, so Live and Let Die get yours today or for the Guns N' Roses fan in your life.  

Leaves are Falling and so is the Shipping

Autumn has landed ..... and so has our Fall collection.  We're thrilled to present this seasons must haves here at West Coast Harley Shop. Choose from an awesome collection, featuring super soft brushed cotton plaid shirts, new cotton retro logo Tees and the return of our favourite Willie G skull outline with a fresh twist.

Check out our latest arrivals:

Shop Mens

Shop Womens

And there's more arriving soon!

The leaves are falling and so are our UK shipping fees, you can now enjoy free shipping when you spend over £50. Don't forget if you've opted in for our Loyalty Rewards  you're already on the way to earning point which turn to cash on your next order OR why not save them up and treat yourself to something special.... it's up to you. 

Now, just because it's getting chilly doesn't mean riding has to cool off. For intrepid winter riders, we have a range of base layers, packable thermal jackets and more to keep up toasty as you ride through these chilly months. Here are our top picks:

FXRG Base Layers – Stay warm, Stay comfortable, with enhanced riding performance and perfect fit. Our layers feature ISO-Pads which draw and retain natural body warmth, they’re moisture wicking anti-bac materials with fitting ribs to keep the layer in place. And they’re not just for winter, air channels and responsive fabrics keep you cool in the summer months too!

Shop Mens    Shop Ladies

FXRG Mid Layer – Loaded with innovative technologies and materials, our Mid-Layer traps air against the body to keep you warm when it counts. 3M Thinsulate Insulation is contained within the front and back of the jacket, it retains its shape over time meaning this top can be scrunched down to a small packable shape, ready to spring back when needed. Minimal seams and thumb holes make this top particularly comfy and cosey on long runs. This is a top pick in our team here at West Coast and among our customers, who also find it a handy piece for skiing and hill walking.

Shop Mens    Shop Ladies

Be Seen – On those foggy, Rainy days our Hi-vis vests feature military grade 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material help you be seen when it counts. The reflective material is used on the front, back and sides, giving 365 degree visibility when illuminated by a light source such as headlamps. Bright yellow or orange help you to be seen in low light conditions too. Fitment is always important, no billowing vests here, adjustable tabs insure a close fit, hand warmer pockets and rear pocket make this vest super handy. This is a top pick for folk traveling to Europe to comply with road laws, and with road captains alike.

Shop Vests

Whether you’re cozying up for the autumn or embracing fresh winter rides, stay tuned for our top picks for this season.

Motogirl at West Coast Harley Shop

Established in 2015, Motogirl set out to bring female riders safe, comfortable and stylish riding gear. “We saw too many ladies wearing ill fitting, or second hand gear and we knew something needed to change” Say Motogirl. Over the next 5 years they developed and tested multiple products before arriving at the current Motogirl range.

Available in sizes UK 4-28 in 3 different leg lengths, it’s no surprise they’ve taken the world by storm – there really is a set of riding jeans or jeggings for any shape or size. While style was a key element, safety was always at the forefront of their design, all of the riding gear is UKCA and CE approved. Based in the UK we’re thrilled to partner with such an innovative brand – Welcome to West Coast Motogirl! 

Shop the range below:

Women's Melissa Jeggings - Black

Women's Melissa Jeggings - Blue

Women's Sherrie Leggings

Daddy Cool – Fathers Day June 20th

Dad Jokes, Dad bod, Dad wisdom – Daddy cool – we kinda love it all. We’ve handpicked some gift ideas for the Harley-Dad in your life because let’s face it, he’s already got the DIY tools, the beard oil and he ain’t looking for another tie! We’ve got belt buckles for the enthusiast, whiskey glass & Stone sets for the connoisseur, multifit bags for the rally-goer – it’s all in our store or online. We’re here to help with sizing and there’s 30 day returns for peace of mind!


For the style conscious Dad, check out our Mens Accessories.

For the coffee powered Dad’s or Whisky Fans, our Beverage Gifts have got you covered.

For the Adventurous Dad, give him the gift of a stylish satchel or backpack from our Bags & Accessories collection.

For the Quirky Daddio’s, you can always rely on our Unusual Gifts.

And if you’re really stuck, there’s always a gift voucher.


Last postage day to make in time for the weekend is Thursday June 17th (UK only).

We Are Open!

Spring has sprung and we’re thrilled to be able to allow customers to come in and shop with us by appointment. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, bring new and exciting riding gear and fashion items to our shop floor and to our online categories.

We’ve been awaiting a CE approved riding fleece for some time now, but 2021 sees the return of our top selling hoodie! Waterproof, windproof and made from warm fleece material the Roadway and Cross Roads are the perfect over fleece on or off the bike. Made with reflective logos to help visibility in the dark, it’s a great jacket to add to your riding collection.

For him: Harley-Davidson Men's Roadway II Waterproof Fleece Jacket AND Harley-Davidson Men's Cross Roads II Waterproof Fleece Jacket

For her: Harley-Davidson Women's Roadway II Waterproof Fleece Jacket

We’re also welcoming two new Harley leather riding jackets to our Riding Gear section – our Top Pick is The Auroral 3-in-1 Leather Jacket featuring reflective Willie G Skull. We think it’s one of the best Harley leather jackets available right now. New for 2021, this is deal for the rider that likes versatility in a leather jacket. Featuring vents, a removable windproof hoodie and much more, it’s also worth over £40 in loyalty points.

It's still a little chilly out there, and we all know neck tubes are an essential piece of kit – so we’ve added an all new design to our lineup. Made from warm, stretchy material, with our repeat logo, you can use this neck tube in loads of ways, bandana, hair tie, facemask or to keep you warm on the bike, you won’t be leaving home without it. Check it out.

There’s plenty more to come this season, including plenty of folk getting gin touch about riding gear for their staycations be sure to check our Touring and Rallies section for our “on the road” must haves!

In the meantime, ride safe and we’ll see you soon!