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3...2...1... and throttle on!

We went live last night and we're pleased to welcome you all to our new site!

We've been at this full throttle and we've designed it with riders, pillions and Harley enthusiasts in mind. A lot of the team ride, tour and pillion, so look out for our team recommendations and reviews of our wonderful range. We know a few of you spotted our new site, and you've taken a good look around.  If you read our Blog Post "Gone Big" you'll see we have a fair few new features and rewards for you to enjoy now.

There a few things you need to know about our new site if you were an existing customer:

You will need to register from scratch with this site, but thats OK, it takes less than a minute to do and if you've got a new address or email, re-registering will keep you up to date. Don't forget to check the newsletter box, this will make sure you're the first to know about any promo's or new products we have - don't worry about spam, we're too busy looking after you lot to get spammy.

If you have reward points:

Please email us at we'll confirm your points balance and transfer the points over as soon as we can. Great news is that you can easily see how many points you have in your account page. You'll also see how many points you'll be earning on each online order and you can use them here day or night, right on this site - yippie!

So that's us, full throttle on, and if you need any help, just holler.

More Than Just a Dealership

One of the largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships in Europe.

West Coast Harley- Davidson® have expanded to a purpose built facility at Hillington Park, Glasgow and now currently sit as one of the largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships in Europe. With one of the largest motorclothes and riding gear selections in the UK. 

The 18,000 sq. ft. facility at Hillington Park (Junction 26 off the M8 motorway), opened Saturday 18th March 2017 and welcomed hundreds of keen bikers on their opening weekend. The new facility is open 5 days a week and not only has a state of the art 8 bay workshop but also features ‘Junction 26’ café in the heart of the showroom.

You're sure to receieve a warm welcome, most of our team ride too, so are well placed to assist with decisions on Riding Gear, Helmets, Rally kit, as well as Casual clothing too.