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These boots are made for more than walkin’

Adventures always start with the first step and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been itching to get out on our bikes lately in need of some adventure! We’ve had some intrepid riders in this week from over the border, even as far as Germany, each one have mentioned they’re using their bike more often now and in different ways to just the usual run out. Let’s face it, who isn’t chasing that much needed Zen we get out on two wheels?

Each one had a bit of a grumble about the weather and then about their riding gear- so it’s not surprising our instore consultations are keeping us busy, as well as advising our online riders too. One trend we’re seeing is a need to shift into different riding boots because of the requirement to commute without carrying extra shoes, or travel out further in one day, take in the sights and then head home. It’s easy to walk away from ordinary with the range of motorcycle boots we carry instore and online, that’s because they are not only tried and tested by the manufacturer, but by us too. We ride too, and we wear a lot of the riding gear we stock, so you can be sure of a valid recommendation.

Our top recommendation is the Harley-Davidson footwear range – you can find style in each stitch, and adventure in every detail. Made from full grain leather our Harley boots are built not only for the long road and touring, but also urban riding and casual hang outs too. More than that, what we’ve found is Harley-Davidson boots come into their own because they are built specifically for the journey in custom riding positions, providing all day comfort as well as protection against the elements out on the road. The riding boots you’ll find here online and instore might look cool, and even casual, but all our riding boots are all CE approved. This means they’re tested for abrasion resistance, impacts and cuts, and transverse rigidity (how the boot will resist your foot being crushed if a bikes weight fell against your foot as well as extreme sole compression). You’ve got piece of mind that not only will you look good, but you’re protected too.

Back to our intrepid riders, two of them were on the way further north, specifically they mentioned that their Dr Martins were starting to get wrecked out in the elements and the spare boots they packed weren’t waterproof either. Short story is they both went for a new set of Harley-Davidson boots to ride the NC500, both pairs waterproof with Poron protection (absorbs 90% of energy impact before you do). 6 Days later they were back in store with dry feet and commented not only on the comfort but also the sole had certainly saved one of their bikes from a drop in a stony car park!

We also carry other leading manufacturer boots such as John Doe and Merlin, for a choice of fit and function – you can see our current riding boots here. We’re anticipating more styles over the next two weeks so stay tuned.


Take it steady,



What's new with us and what's new with you?

After a long awaited date, we were finally able to re-open our fabulous store to our amazing customers. We'd really like to give a shout out to you guys for following our guidance as we find our way through new measures. Lucky for us, you're our kind of people, which means our store isn't getting too peoply and there's plenty of room. We're also running a full sanitisation programme which includes steaming clothing, helmets and other items so you can be assured even if you buy online, items have been treated before they reach you. 

We've loved seeing familiar faces and hearing what's new with you. Yeah, yeah we know, you've been stuck in the garden, built a pagoda, your pet dog is now fitter than you are and you've grown a fondness for an afternoon tipple. Which is fine, you can safely step away from the hardware store to come see us now! What, it's true, we've even got a new range or garden Gnomes for that little something extra in the garden!!! Our Homewear section has grown too, including the welcomed return of our Bar Stools, for your kitchen overhaul.

We know a lot of you are heading out on mini trips and mini rallies too, so be sure to check out our Touring and Rallies selection - it just got bigger; with day bags, weekend bags, as well as a few creature comforts to keep you sweet whilst you travel. Going further? We can add other items to your order like 1L oil top ups or bulbs, just email us, we'll take care of the rest. And, if you're still stuck in the house, we have playing cards and even dartboards, it's up to you who's picture you add to that. 

While we'd love to see you in store, if you're still isolating but need your Harley fix, be sure to have a good look around our new products and if you have any questions about visiting the store, get in touch.

We'll see you soon!