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500 Miles of the West Coast

In late September, the team at West Coast Harley-Davidson set out on a journey of 500 miles crossing the newly coined West Coast 500 route. Not only were the team in search of adventure, but they set out to have a bloody great time too… and with the rain and chill beginning to set in before Autumn arrived, preparation was key and so too was the choice of riding gear.

At West Coast we don’t just sell motorcycles, clothing and riding gear. We RIDE and wear what we sell too! Every year our products continue to raise the bar and, as experts, we want to maintain the highest quality by testing these products on the road, ensuring you get the best information and feedback to meet your needs. 
Newly released for 2021, the Harley-Davidson Outrush R Modular Helmet combines comfort and safety with the ultimate hands-free sound and communication experience that utilises Bluetooth technologies and more, plus a tripled-vented cooling, fully-integrated sound system and internal sun visor. With the West Coast 500 on the horizon our Marketing Lead, Connor, picked up the Outrush R for the long tour ahead. Impressed by its flexibility, style, sound quality and solid construction, he came back with a beaming smile and gave it a strong recommendation to the team.

We spoke to Connor earlier this week and here’s what he had to say:
“In the weeks before the tour I had a gut feeling that the rain was due to pay us a visit and surely enough, the weather forecasts agreed with me! From that moment I began to think about my riding gear and what I would need to make the most of the trip. I’d been using an AGV full face helmet for the past year for short distance street riding. It served me well offering great protection and ventilation, but it wasn’t best suited to full-blown adventure riding over long distances.

During previous staff ride outs I found myself envying colleagues with flip helmets. They could eat a quick snack, easily converse and enjoy complete visibility. So when I discovered the Outrush R helmet it immediately hit the top of my list. It has the advantage of being modular while offering a full-face helmet style and, when speaking to the team to learn a bit more, I discovered it featured an internal sound system. No more embarrassing songs blasting through the BOOM GTS!

The girls quickly dialled in the right helmet size and I was on my way. I’ve used helmet mounted cameras before, the kind that you attach with adhesive, but always found myself worrying they’d fall off and be lost miles down the road. The SENA Bluetooth system you’ll find featured on the Outrush R isn’t going anywhere. Securely fixed, quick to charge and even easier to use. By the time we hit the road the helmet was a natural extension and I could enjoy all of my songs on the fly.

I’m 500 miles in and beyond satisfied with the helmet. It’s quiet, very sturdy and it kept me cool without a hint of humidity. I picked up the matte grey version though I hear there’s a black coming, so I’ll be sure to add that to my shopping basket because after all, who doesn’t like black!?

If anyone is in search of a new helmet I’d really urge them to give the Outrush R a shot. If you can pop in to West Coast just ask for me and I’ll introduce you to my own. It sits beside my desk at all times because I’ll take every opportunity to ride with it on.”

So there you have it folks – our top helmet in 2021! 
Available now in store and online here.

Guns 'N Roses arrive at West Coast Harley-Davidson Glasgow

Take me down to West Coast Harley, where shop is cool and the Tee's are gnarley! 

That's right, forget November Rain, we're all about October style with this exclusive Guns 'n Roses and Harley-Davidson Collaboration. Sweet Child O' Mine we've got some epic designs here! This colleciton features iconic album covers such as Appetite for Destruction, fused with stunning Harley-Davidson designs - but you don't have to be Knockin' On Heavens door to get one. Have a little Patience and Don't Cry, our collection of hoodies, tee's and vests are available online and in store. You'll be lookin So Fine heading to Paradise City rockin' one of these tops but this is a limited edition print run with limited numbers so if you're looking at these thinkin' "You Could be Mine" you'e be right, but not for long, so Live and Let Die get yours today or for the Guns N' Roses fan in your life.