1903 Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
Delivery date: 3-5 days
The Harley-Davidson 1903 Cast Iron Bottle Opener - the perfect bar accessory to pop open a bottle just when you need it!
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Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. The time frame could be the 1930’s, all the way up to the mid- 1950’s. Such a simple task, opening a bottle of coke, accomplished with a simple tool with no moving parts, no batteries, and no instruction manual. You too can go back in time with this cast iron H-D 1903 Cast Iron Bottle Opener. Even if rarely used, it makes a perfect bar accessory, harmonizing the look and feel of Harley’s heritage. Rugged and custom tooled, it’ll bring back memories of simpler times, even if you were yet to be born. It has that magic. All the mounting hardware you will need is included.

  • Mounting hardware included
  • Size: 2.5" W x 3.5" H x 1" D
  • Item: HDL-18567