GoodYear Logo Enamel Mug

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The Retro GoodYear Logo enamel mug - Super durable, this mug is perfect for campfire evenings, BBQ's and Rallies.
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For the biker who loves retro stuff  - our GoodYear Logo Retro Enamel Mug is perfect. Thanks to the lightweight material and the robust design our cups are ideal for outdoor cooking, take it camping, in the garden or around the camp fire. Your vintage look Holt of nostalgia in the outdoors feel as well as the office and at home. With a diameter of 8 cm and a capacity of 360 ml Gives these vintage cup plenty of space for your favourite drinks. The enamel coating ensures an easy cleaning and flavour neutrality. The enamelled surface also adds a stylish edge to the cup and offers protection against breakage and provides a great surface for and the beautiful design. You get a high quality enamel mug with a lovingly designed all-round print.

  • As a shatter-proof, robust companion, this enamel mug is ideal for outdoor activities and camping
  • At home and in the office, on the other hand, it exudes a great retro charm
  • With a diameter of 8 cm and a capacity of 360 ml, this vintage cup offers plenty of space for your favorite drinks
  • The enamel coating is easy to clean and easy to clean and aroma neutral
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