Little Boys' Printed-On Motorcycle Vest Short Sleeve Tee

Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson Little Boys' Motorcycle Tee with Mesh Tattoo Sleeves - give your cute little Harley boy his first Harley cut.

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There will be plenty of “double-takes” when your little guy struts around in this t-shirt. A first glance it appears to be a white Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® t-shirt with a black motorcycle vest worn on top. Look again, closely, and you will see it is actually an adorable screen-printed trompe l’oell vest. In English, that means an artful 2-dimension technique is used to create an optical illusion of three dimensions. Perfect for your little guy to crawl, walk or run around – the vest is there to stay because it is actually printed on the shirt to make it look like it is really a vest. Made with super soft, interlock 100% cotton. 

  • Made of 100% cotton interlock
  • Adorable screen printed trompe l'oeil motorcycle vest
  • Perfect for your little Harley guy!
  • White Tee

Part Number: 1072625