Men's FXRG Base Layer Pants

Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson Men's FXRG Base Layer Pants is a base layer that elevates your riding experience - more hours in the saddle await you.

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The Harley-Davidson Men's FXRG Base Layer Pants is a base layer that elevates your riding experience. The FXRG Base Layer Pant features innovative fabric construction that works to monitor warmth, coolness, odour, and moisture wicking for comfort in all kinds of weather conditions. This lightweight men's performance pant fits smoothly under riding gear. And because the fabric flexes as you move, it won't bulk, bunch, or stretch out. With this much innovation and technology, these bottoms are a serious upgrade from the thermal underwear bunched up in your underwear drawer. Time to upgrade—check out the specs for more.

  • Stay Comfortable: High-performance fabric offers effective moisture management to cool when you sweat and warm when you're cold
  • Stay Dry: Lightweight construction helps retain body warmth
  • Stay Comfortable: Designed to wick moisture away through Sweat Traps at lower back. Skin Nodor technology helps prevent odor by inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Ride Enhancing Features: The Air-Condition Channel with Zero-Insulation combined with the AirGuide cools the body and allows excess warmth to escape for the most efficient regulation of body temp and most comfortable ride
  • Fit: Close-fitting without constricting, this layer features Expansion Ribs at the knees to adjust when in a riding position without compromising functional and temp- regulating properties
  • Graphics: Knit-in stripes and FXRG logo
  • Materials: 98% nylon, 2% polypropylene knit


Part Number: 98265-19VM