Hoodies and Pullovers

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Men's Racing Colorblock Hoodie

The Harley-Davidson Men's Racing Colorblock Hoodie - Comfort and style take the lead in our Racing Colorblock Hoodie.

Men's Foundation Sweatshirt

The Harley-Davidson Men's Foundation Sweatshirt - The latest in Harley-Davidson heritage, this sweatshirt offers supreme comfort and premier style.

Men's Amplifier Crew Sweatshirt

The Harley-Davidson Men's Amplifier Crew Sweatshirt - We ditch flashy for flashback on this reliable crew that’s part of our Limited Edition line.

Men's #1 Race Zip Front Hoodie

The Harley-Davidson Men's #1 Race Zip Front Hoodie - No-frills style synchs with comfort in this limited-edition hoodie.

Men's Heritage Sign Graphic Slub Hoodie

The Harley-Davidson Men's Heritage Sign Graphic Slub Hoodie - A timeless look to wear all the time.

Men's Hooded Skull Sweatshirt

The Harley-Davidson Men's Hooded Skull Sweatshirt - A favourite in store, wear it confidently with anything, anywhere.