Men's Merlin Leather Connecting Belt

Manufacturer: Merlin
Delivery date: 3-5 days
The Merlin Men's Merlin Leather Connecting Belt - link your jeans and jacket together for a secure fit while you ride.
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There are two major advantages to having a jacket to jean connector zipper. Firstly, it stops your jacket riding up and exposing your lower back which is pretty uncomfortable. Secondly and more importantly, it ensures your outfit will stay put and remain anchored in place to keep you correctly protected in a slide. This connecting belt from Merlin is a simple classic leather style with a built-in zip to connect to any compatible Merlin jacket.

  • Black
  • Leather
  • Silver buckle
  • Embossed Merlin logo on the zip connection panel
  • Compatible with all Merlin jackets that have a trouser connection zipper

Part Number: MDN008-BK