Men's Metal H-D Font Leather Belt

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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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Harley-Davidson Men's Metal H-D Font Leather Belt and Buckle - Heavy metal doesn't end with the bike!
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Harley-Davidson® Men's Metal H-D® Font Leather Belt and Buckle, HDMBT10636. Heavy metal doesn’t end with the bike. This belt/buckle also gets the heavy-metal industrial treatment that befits a biker. It’s made of genuine black leather. The buckle’s frame is heavy-duty, just like the motorcycles, and when fastened the prong rests on a black enamel-filled engraved Harley-Davidson® logo. The belt features sturdy metal lettering spelling out Harley-Davidson®, embellished with slot-head screw rivets. Some letters get two rivets; some get three for symmetry. The lettering is positioned so that it fills the back. The buckle is interchangeable with any standard 1.5-inch belt. 

  • Genuine Black Leather
  • Interchangeable Buckle
  • Metal H-D script attached to belt
  • Width: 1.5"


Part Number: HDMBT10636