Men's West Coast Oil Spot Tee

Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The West Coast Harley-Davidson Glasgow Oil Spot Men's Dealer Tee - Stand out with this bright orange take on our kickass T-shirt.

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In a sea of black Tee's stand out from the crowd in this flecked burnt orange West Coast Dealer Tee. Featuring our colour matched West Coast Glasgow backprint with bold Logo you'll stand out anywhere in the Oil Spot Top. Whether you've visited the store or not, know that you've got a limited piece from Scotland's oldest Dealership. Ideal just for you or as a special gift.

  • 90% Cotton, 90% Polyester
  • Back: West Coast Harley-Davidson, Glasgow Scotland.
  • Item: R0026674

This classic fit t-shirt is only available at West Coast Harley-Davidson.