Men's Silver Eagle Onyx Wallet Chain

Manufacturer: Thierry Martino
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The Thierry Martino Men's Silver Eagle Onyx Wallet Chain - A limited edition, hand crafted statement piece
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A true statement piece the Thierry Martino Men's Silver Eagle Onyx Wallet Chain is an exceptional piece to own. This revolutionary and superb wallet chain features a 360-degree three-dimensional American version of the eagle with a unique and exclusive spring hook. A splendid black onyx stone cabochon cut at the base, perfectly balanced by a massive decorated ring and a chain with a decisive design. Combined with hand finished Gothic skulls and the H-D® Bar & Shield logo and  perfected with a small quality spring lock on the back, so as to make any wallet chain made by Thierry Martino, a magnificent and special chain with exceptional standards. Each piece is manufactured by SilverStudio Co., Ltd. and comes with a lifetime warranty. Martino, the designer, keeps an eye on the entire artistic and metallurgical artisan process, to ensure that all pieces of jewelry meet its high quality standards. He chooses his materials with care and uses only the best, that is 94% pure silver mixed with 6% of special alloys. All the workmanship of the collection is fused with the latest technologies giving a perfect brilliance and durability to all the pieces. Each piece is guaranteed* for life against defects in material or workmanship.

  • Limited edition - last one remaining
  • Weight: 278gr
  • Length: 540mm

Part Number: HDWC002

*This warranty is void if the jewelery item has been damaged by accident, neglect, unauthorized service or other factors not due to defects in material or workmanship. If the products do not comply with this warranty, SilverStudio repairs or replaces the defective products. Lifetime warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear as determined by SilverStudio Co.