Men's Silver Lava Stone Bracelet

Manufacturer: Thierry Martino
Delivery date: 3-5 days
The Thierry Martino Men's Silver Lava Stone Bracelet - Hand crafted with sublime Harley-Davidson detailing
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Lava Stone and silver combine to make this awesome bracelet - The Thierry Martino Silver Lava Stone Bracelet features a hand crafted, encrusted motif with Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield logo. Traditional Handmade craftsmanship and iconic styling fuse together in this bracelet. Each Thierry Martino piece has been made to order from scratch, taking around six weeks, meaning there truly is a limited number in the world.

  • Last piece remaining
  • Lava stone beads on resilient elastic
  • Hand crafted with sublime detail
  • HDBR165