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New 2023 West Coast Glasgow Tee Shirts

An all new range of West Coast Harley-Davidson Teeshirts and Hoodies are online! 

The West Coast Glasgow Scotland Dealer Tees are some of the most sought after across the UK Tees - as the UK's number 1 dealership and the oldest Harley store in Scotland we like to do things a little differently. Heritage and design are important to us, so we draw on our local history by featuring William Wallace Crest design integrated into our eyecatching backprints. Our Wallace print features William Wallace’s “Pro Liberatate” family crest – having been born just a few miles from the shop’s current location, not only is he a local lad, but a bit of a legend here in Scotland and further afield. Wallace’s name has become synonymous with freedom, a value most bikers can relate to!

As West Coast is situated of junction 26 of the M8, our store is a popular stop off with folks travelling through to complete the North Coast 500. Our Glencoe print features the iconic landscape used in many movies over the years. The print includes a highland Stag, celtic knotwork, iconic Fatboys and Scottish flags - what a great piece to take home to commemorate your trip.

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