Nostalgic Money Box

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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson Nostalgic Money Box - Save your pennies for your next Harley!
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Got loose change that needs a home or a little Harley fan who want's to save for their own future Motorbike? Then save it in this colorful nostalgic money-box. Whether for a trip, rainy day or for the next Harley - there are always reasons. This money box has a recessed lid with a large slot that conveniently holds coins and bills. It can be opened with a little pressure and closed again. We love the nostalgic prints given to this tin, so even when you're not saving, you can use it for storing othing things like keys, nuts and bolts, whatever you fancy.

  • Slotted lid
  • Sturdy steel sheet
  • Protective lacquer coating
  • Measures 10 x 13 cm

Part Number: 31001