Screamin' Eagle Quickshifter

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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Quickshifter - Shift in an instant with clutchless up and down shifts without risking transmission damage.
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  • When foot shift control is engaged fuel and ignition are cut within milliseconds, which unloads the transmission allowing you to fly through up-shifts without touching the throttle or clutch
  • Shifter signal also blips the throttle for seamless down-shifts without using the clutch
  • Precise shifts are accomplished in an instant enabling smoother, stress-free control in on- and off-road situations
  • Installation requires a dealer Digital Technician update/flash

Part Number: 32700151

Fits '22-later RA1250 and RA1250S models. Installation requires dealer Digital Technician update.

Installation Instructions

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