Silver Ace of Spades Ring

Manufacturer: Thierry Martino
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The Thierry Martino Silver Ace of Spades Ring - If you like to gamble, I tell to you this is the ring for you!

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It's the perfect combination, Motorhead lyrics and the iconic Ace of Spades wrapped up into one ring. the detailing on this ring is scond to none, with the time honoured lyrics of the song on one side of the ring and the title on the other side. The top of the ring features the notorious playing card itself - the Ace of Spades. This really is the ideal biker ring. If you want to gamble, baby I'm your man....the ace of spades.

  • Material - Silver 925
  • Weight - 28gr
  • Width - 20mm
  • Limited sizes available


Part Number: R5236