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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The West Coast Dealership Poker Chips - Grab the ultimate West Coast Harley-Davidson Glasgow, Scotland collectible! A unique poker chip featuring the shilouette of our dealership!
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In 1999 we opened the doors to our store in Charring Cross Glasgow, we grew and grew, and relocated to Hillington Park, Glasgow in 2017. November 2019 saw us celebrating our 20th anniversary and we saw that in with style and with good company. Grab a token of our history with one of our collectible poker chips. Our Poker chips are weighty and clink, because they're real chips. They may not be from a Vegas casino, but carry just as much attention with our West Coast Harley-Davidson detailing, including our West Coast tower which is visible from the M8 Motorway. You can also choose one with a motorcycle on it. If you would like a particular colour - Let us know in the Delivery Comments.

Colours Available:

  • Orange (with Black Detail)
  • Black (with White Detail)
  • Blue (with Black Detail)
  • Green (with Black Detail)
  • Purple (with Black Detail)
  • White (with Red Detail)
  • Black (with Orange Detail)
  • Not all colours are available all of the time


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