Wiley X Tank Sunglasses - Light Adjusting Yellow Lens

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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
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The Harley-Davidson Wiley X Tank Sunglasses - The multi layer silver flash coating buffers light transitions from light to dark and vice versa.
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Features Bar & Shield logo on both temples. Light adjusting yellow lenses and Matte black frames. Includes: Semi-hard black zippered case, leash cord and cleaning cloth. Removable gasket included.

LA™ LIGHT ADJUSTING YELLOW: LA™ lenses lighten and darken based on the amount of UV radiation in the immediate environment. The LA™ Yellow lenses are designed to increase contrast and clarity in low-light conditions like fog, haze and night riding while also filtering out blue light from electronics which causes fatigue. This increase in contrast allows you to stay focused on the ever changing road conditions and surfaces. They’re a great solution for those who need the most light transmission in their rides. Light transmission: 15% +/- 3%.

  • LA adjust yellow lenses with matte black frames
  • Removable gasket included
  • The ultimate day riding lens
  • Includes: Semi-hard black zippered case, leash cord and cleaning cloth 

Fits head sizes medium and large.

Eyewear includes: Semi-hard zippered case, leash cord and cleaning cloth. 

Part Number: HDTAN13