Rain Gear and Vests

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Women's FXRG Waterproof Overpants

The Harley-Davidson Women's FXRG Waterproof Overpants - if like Scotland your weather is inconsistent, keep a pair of these nearby!

Women's Motogirl Waterproof Trousers

The Women's Motogirl Waterproof Trousers - a lightweight, rain-resistant over trouser with elasticated waist and storage bag.

Women's Motogirl Waterproof Jacket

The Women's Motogirl Waterproof Jacket - a lightweight, rain-resistant over jacket with a hidden hood and storage bag.

High Visibility Vest - Yellow

The Harley-Davidson High Visibility Vest - Perfect for Road Captains and riders who prefer to stand out on the road.

Full Speed Reflective Rainsuit

The Harley-Davidson Full Speed Reflective Rainsuit - Be prepared for any change in the forecast.

Women's Reflective Rain Suit

The Harley-Davidson Women's Reflective Rain Suit - Be prepared. Pack the Reflective Rain Suit and you'll cut your chances of waiting out the storm.